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In January 2013, the College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia registered a limited company called MCPath QAP (Malaysian College of Pathologists Quality Assurance Programmes) to offer external quality assurance programmes for pathology laboratories.

It is the company’s mission to provide a broad range of quality assurance programmes in all disciplines of pathology to serve the medical and scientific communities in Malaysia and the surrounding regions. Ultimately, the company aims to promote, support and assist in raising the quality of services provided by the participating pathology and diagnostic laboratories in a cost effective manner.

MCPath Collaborated with Oneworld Accuracy Inc. (1WA), an independent social enterprise group with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada to provide affordable wide range of EQA programmes to our Malaysian laboratories provides more than 245 EQA products covering 855 analytes with FDA approved quality controls covering in all clinical disciplines for ISO accreditation purposes.

MCPATH Programme_1.jpeg
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