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1. What is your company about?

We are the first local company to offer the external Malaysia College Quality Assurance Scheme (McQAS) for clinical, diagnostic or research laboratories.


2. What are the benefits of having EQA programme?

i. EQA provides a means of assessing the analytical performance of a laboratory compared to other laboratories utilising the same methods and instruments.

ii. Maintaining and improving the analytical quality of laboratory tests.

iii. Detecting equipment failures, identifying reagent problems, reviewing staff training

iv. Initiating and evaluating corrective actions


3. Comparison with RIQAS, EQAS?

i. Our company MCPATH is established by College of pathologist, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia.

ii. Our price is more affordable if compare with RIQAS and EQAS.

iii. Same with RIQAS and EQAS, our company provided ISO accredited reagent.

iv. We allow 5 times free result entry per session per sample.


4. Is your company ISO accredited?

Our samples are distributed from a recognised supplier of EQA for ISO accreditation purposes.


5. How EQA works?

Basically EQA measures a laboratory's accuracy using 'blind' samples that are analysed as if they were patient samples. Results are returned to the scheme organiser for statistical analysis. Laboratories receive a report comparing their individual performance against other participants in the programme. 


6. What are the programmes available?

Please refer to our brochure available on the website. Currently we have 6 programmes on-going. 

  1. Clinical Chemistry, Up to 50 parameters

  2. Haematology – Full Blood Count and 5-Part WBC Differential Count 

  3. Serology -  Viral Markers 

  4. Serology – Syphilis 

  5. Digital morphology – Manual eBlood Film Differential Count


7. Who are our existing Clients?

Uitm, Gribbles, Cyrocord 


8. What is the price?

Kindly click on the “Subscribe now” button on our website and enter your particulars to get an official quotation from our team.


9. Minimum sign-up period?

The minimum sign-up period is 1 year. 


10. If the results not good, will your site help to troubleshoot the source of problems?

Yes. We will inform you if the result is out of range and will provide you several possible reason for the outlier result and some troubleshoot method. 


11. What if that is changes of the methodology/parameters/instrument if the cycle is already underway?

Flexibility is one of our company’s selling point. Please kindly inform us your need and we will try our best to solve our problem. 


12. How we submit our result?

Clients are submitting their result by log in to our website’s result submission page. 


13. When is the report release?

We will release the report within the first two weeks of the month. 


14. How is the reagent being delivered to us?

We will deliver the reagent by courier and the reagent distribution is vary based on the programme. 

15. Can we custom EQA programmes according to our needs?

Yes. We always provide tailor made programmes to suit the need of the lab.

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